Slow Growth is Growth

In a microwave culture everything is presumed to have arrived sooner.

In a insta-culture growth is underrated unless it happens fast.

In a go-go-go paced world the slow work of the Spirit often goes unnoticed.

Slow growth is still growth. Oh that we might curate spaces to celebrate how far we’ve come in those oft unseen places of our inner lives. After all, what good is it for a person to have it all but not herself?

Honor the growth. Talk about it, slowly.

Transitions: Vital (non)Events

Transitions matter more than most would dare to imagine. Sometimes they matter so much, that the transitions themselves become part of the fabric of the thing.

Think about it: what transitions have mattered most for you? What were the habits or intentional practices that made it work. When you tell your story, how do you talk about the big events AND the transitions between life events.

Transitions matter. They set the stage or prepare the ground or provide the platform for that which is next to emerge. Practice meaningful transition.

Place Matters, All the Time

The truth is: place matters. It’s not just about where, it’s about admiring, joining, and curating all the elements of place so that the fullness of their expression translates.

This image is from 12:33pm on Wednesday May 6, 2014. This moment can not be replicated. However, it can be experienced.

What do you see? What captures your imagination? How does this aesthetic translate to you?

God is all around. Life is all around. Place matters. Keep watch, who knows what you may find.

Troy Davis: A Global Day of Solidarity

You may remember me posting about Troy Davis over the last several years. Starting today there are a series of events planned to pray for and request the State of Georgia to grant him clemency.

Here is a link to today’s activities.

Here is a link to my former posts.

Though I have only been aware of and engaged with this case over the last few years, there really is too much doubt.

Pray for Troy, Pray for the State, Pray for Justice.


The Youth Aren’t to Blame!

This article on the NYT is getting loads of press in certain Facebook circles. Though the author uses scholastic reflections on a study of young people to make his point, he missed the case that Smith et al are really making: adults need to take responsibility for creating contexts for healthy decision-making by young people. More to come for sure!

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