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Troy Davis: A Global Day of Solidarity

You may remember me posting about Troy Davis over the last several years. Starting today there are a series of events planned to pray for and request the State of Georgia to grant him clemency. Here is a link to today’s activities. Here is a link to my former posts. Though I have only been [...]


  • This article on the NYT is getting loads of press in certain Facebook circles. Though the author uses scholastic reflections on a study of young people to make his point, he missed the case that Smith et al are really making: adults need to take responsibility for creating contexts for healthy decision-making by young people. More to come for sure! #
  • Nick is getting more and more press for his book. Check out the most recent set of interviews by Jason Boyett. Good stuff. JC #
  • Hanging out with friends and listening to music is a wonderful thing. Honestly, there is something that happens especially when you listen to people living into thier passion. And then there is the music, or maybe it is just the muse that inspires and connect and calls people to reflection that is so critical. Reflection inspires and beckons all who will hear to a new level of being in the world. Yes, this is community. Life with people living into their passions, hoping for a world not yet present, yet finding others willing to join the pursuit of that something missing yet glimpsed now. Till then.. JC #
  • In this podcast, Josh grabs an interview with Dr. David Pacini from the Candler School of Theology. Dr. Pacini’s current research focuses on problems in Kantian and post-Kantian philosophy and philosophical theology, especially those of aesthetics and psychology as they evolved in late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century texts that explore the boundaries of theological thinking. This podcast, with Alex as a guest co-interviewer, focuses on Pacini’s most recent work entitled Through Narcissus’ Glass Darkly: The Modern Religion of Conscience. Nick mentions the Brian McLaren, Bishop Spong, and Phyllis Tickle Podcast, it’s here Enjoy! jc [Direct link to ep 150 - David Pacini, Through Narcissus' Glass Darkly] #
  • You may have heard quite a bit of the banter about South Park's handling of Islam. Where, here is an article that Diana Butler Bass wrote. And in case you missed her on the podcast, check this out. Good stuff! JC #

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