2016: The Year of We > Me

2016- The Year of the WE>Me Second Sunday After Christmas Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church January 3, 2016 Well, the new year is here. Have you made your commitments? Have you decided on your resolutions? Are you thinking about how this year you’ll be fitter, healthier, wholer, a more successful you? I’ve started…but I’m just not […]


Go, Look Among the People

Go, Look Among the People! Christmas Day Sermon 2015 Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church Recently, Gav and I began to play a little Advent game together. A game of hide-and-go-find Jesus. It has become something of a morning routine for us. I stumble down the stairs behind him as he rushes over to cut on the […]


Where were you on 9/11? Or was it 6/26?

Where were you on 9/11? Or: 4/4/1968 1/21/1969 1/28/1986 6/26/2015 As pretty serious meaning-makers, humans have a tendency and tradition of remembering where we were on dates of significance. We may shorten them, embellish the stories, or even retell them over and over again for effect. But at the end of the day, we love […]


Surprise Companion 

   We all have companions who travel with us. Most of the time, we see them, we experience them, we hear them, we thank them. But sometimes we discover someone new along way and it changes how we see everything – including ourselves.  Recently on a trip to lunch with the family, this quite impressive […]


Christianity in America: When Winning Means Losing

                    Okay, okay, okay, we get it: church attendance is declining in America. Millennials are leaving the church in droves. Boomers find the paradox of their liberal lifestyles and their conservative values in too much tension to live as potential hypocrites. Xers need to do, and […]


A Way Out of No Way

   In our make your own destiny culture, closed doors are often seen as obstacles to thriving – dead ends to our dreams of a better world. But what if closed doors, blocked paths, or ‘no way signs’ were opportunities to invite God to make new ways? After all, if the prophets are right, God […]