New toy…

So this is photo i took with a new toy from Christmas. As some of you will have experienced, i recently received a Nikon D50 digital camera. As my wife has heard, i think photography might be my last hobby for this season of life. Between golf, reading, writing, and several others, i think i […]

Emergent Conversation Geneva 2006

As many of you will know, I am part of a local emergent faith community called Shema in Geneva Switzerland. On May 9-10, Shema, along with Emergent international will be hosting a conversation for community leaders and others about the future practise of Christianity in world. Specifically, we are going to be looking at: the […]

Reading “Storm Front”

Just started reading through a book called “Storm Front”. Very interesting take on the state of the church in North America and actually articulates well the meeage that it seems many people are starting to latch onto there. Its a compilation of essay that became a manefesto for the authors! If you are practicing ministry […]

The thing about choice is…

The thing about choice is you have to choose. The other day as I was with a group of friends in the mountains, i had this epiphany come to me. I wrote it down. It made sense and kind of articulated the choice-meets-God-meets-crisis kind of situation so many of us face. It read: “there is […]