The thing about choice is…

The thing about choice is you have to choose.
The other day as I was with a group of friends in the mountains, i had this epiphany come to me. I wrote it down. It made sense and kind of articulated the choice-meets-God-meets-crisis kind of situation so many of us face. It read: “there is a surrender in life that we must choose. An acknowledgement of God in our lives and world that we alone choose by our allegiance to God’s apparent moving in the world around us. There is this crucible of choice for us all to face. Yet, no matter where we go, we do not face choice alone. We face it together. Consequentially or in celebration. One of the worst lies in the world is that somehow we must choose to journey spritually alone in a vaccumm without others. We are never alone, even in our hearts, we are never alone. Be not mistaken, though we may not always feel on the cusp of choice and those things which are really real, we are! And choice it part of that which mediates our experience of the really real”
We are not alone.