I am are you?

Just to highlight this for those of you who do not have it…here is the new emergent logo…maybe specifically for the US but it looks good anyway.. blessings… jc Tweet Send to Facebook

A few important books!

This year there are a couple of books coming out that are going to be really imprtant. I can say this with some great certainty! One of them is already out and I suggest you get it! It is entitled: Coming of the Son of Man The other is the Secret Message of Jesus by […]

Victims of a pendulum

a rant.. I never really liked thinking that I could be a victim. The whole “victim” mentality thing I had really hoped would just pass over me. Then it happened….i responded. Without even thinking about it, i began to respond to different things with this reactionary posture. A posture which seemed so normal, so natural […]