Victims of a pendulum

a rant..
I never really liked thinking that I could be a victim. The whole “victim” mentality thing I had really hoped would just pass over me. Then it happened….i responded. Without even thinking about it, i began to respond to different things with this reactionary posture. A posture which seemed so normal, so natural and yet, so wrong!
In todays world there are many victims out there. Victims of violence, victims of “sin”, victims of fashion, victims of hardship. Yet of all the victims, maybe the ones who recognize it the least are the ones of us who need to see it the most. For we are the victims of the pendulum of thought.
So many of us in the world today have become masters at being the opposite of the things we do not want to be. Our lives, our thoughts, our actions are driven by an intense desire to be different, to be unique, to be other…and yet, at the end of the day, we are not…and we really…really…never will be.
Unity and collectivity are the enemy of the pendulum. For the pendulum, movement is natural. For the pendulum, controversy builds speed. For the pendulum, difference is in the past. Yet, for the silly little pendulum, there are but two motions….back…and forth…back and forth…
The future of the humanities must not be it driven by the pendulums of politk or theology, or philosophy, or commerce. We must awaken ourselves to the pendulum in us all lest we ever see things as black and white and black and white and black and white and miss the rainbow of opportunity in the fullness of motion!