Teach us your ways…

This morning these lines kept coming through my head…all i could do was sing…and call out with them.. Make us your people, Make us you people, Make us your people who know how follow. Make us your people, Make us your people, Make us your people who know how to love you. Teach us to […]

Finding that authentic swing

Anyone who knows me knows that golf is one of my things. I love the sport. The focus, the fresh air, the humiliation, the challenge. As the new season creeps in upon us here in Switzerland, I am beginning to plan in my practices and games. I have to admit, golf is a lot of […]

Stress Management

My wife and I have ventured off onto a new diet. Not that we are really the dieting kind of people, its just that she is on a stress management course and is trying to reduce the stress levels in our lives. So what does it look like? How about this: meat once per day, […]

Prayer for the Edge

U2 recently canceled the last 10 shows on its tour due to the illness of the Edge’s daughter. If you are a fan, like me, please keep our friends and their families in your prayers! You can see the official press release from U2 here. Tweet Send to Facebook

Important Books

I was just thinking the other day how have yet to really take an inventory of the books that have been critical to the last season of my life. I truly feel like this has been a unique season for me in my understanding not merely of myself, but of the world around me, and […]


Meese is an up and coming group out of Denver. I really appreciate their sounds, thier lyrical processing, and the fact that they seem to about more than just making simple music! The guys know thier music without a doubt!! Enjoy listening and wait for this group to break out! Tweet Send to Facebook

On being and expert

I have seen where several people have posted on this site recently! I have been scrolling through it. If you are allergic to psycho-babble of any sort, DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE! However, a most recent post entitled, How to be an Expert was quite interesting. One quote particularly stood out as a potential […]

Sickness and Lent

It just seems wrong. Things in life are going well and then BAM!, a sickness comes along and knocks you out for a few days…maybe even a week or longer! This has been my lenten experience. To make matters worse, i have traditionally when sick, laid on teh couch with mindless TV noise going in […]

Very moving story..

Last night when i came home i was looking for news to read. I have a few sites that i go to. When i went to the ESPN site, this story was there. It is the story ofJason McElwain. If you can watch the video, do watch the video! It will not only give you […]

Emergent Conversation Geneva 2006

We are well on our way with preparations for the upcoming conversation in May. As we move towards more preparations, we will be posting things on this site. Make sure to stay in touch. A few things that will be added include: profiles of the panelists, a dictionary of terms so as to allow participants […]