First day of Lent

My first day went well. I did not think that giving up something as silly as tv (just one of the things), was actually going to be something of a challenge. In Hind sight, my wife and I had truly let the thing creep into our routine! Living in quite a small apartment, it seems as though we had just created a routine whereby we sat down to eat, and watched a tv series…or…threw in a movie. It seemed sensible. Like a good way to relax together and to just be.

Last night, as we were preparing dinner, it occured to both of us the real lack of time together around the house that did not include noise. It was refreshing to talk. To listen. To be.

Thank goodness for lent. Thank goodness for my wife! She really is lots of fun and a very beautiful person! It may sound trite, but it is refreshingly true!