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I was just thinking the other day how have yet to really take an inventory of the books that have been critical to the last season of my life. I truly feel like this has been a unique season for me in my understanding not merely of myself, but of the world around me, and of God.

The following is a list of some books that have been pretty critical to my shaping. Some of them i have agreed with in part, others have articulate who I know I am to be in ways i never dreamt could be articulated! If you read them, keep in mind that we are all in different places, learning different things, attempting to be sources of Good for the world!

In no particular order:
The Story We Find Ourselves In- Brian Mc Laren
The Next Reformation- Karl Rasche
If Grace is True- Gulley & Mulholland
Generous Orthodoxy- Brian McLaren
Reading the Bible Again- Marcus Borg
The Coming of the Son of Man- Andrew Perriman
The Heart of Christianity- Marcus Borg
What Saint Paul Really Said- NT Wright

Make no mistake, there are others; however, I can honestly say that this group, is quite an important group for anyone to read! Agree or disagree, they are good value! I hope you’ll pick them up if you haven’t already! I hope you’ll enjoy a reshaping of sorts as I have.

2 thoughts on “Important Books

  1. i’ve been wanting to read generous orthodoxy; fought the urge to purchase at barnes and noble the other day. your thoughts on it?

  2. I loved the book. Brian has probably been one of the most important voices for me in recent years. His posture in love and life is amazing. As a person, the way he reacts to criticism, to loving his enemies, and to trying to model what it means to “love the world in the spirit of Christ” is very compelling!
    I don’t know Brian very well, but several of my good friends really do. I feel like i know him as I’ve read his cannon! And in fact, I look very much forward to having he and others here for the conversation we are hosting on the church in May.
    I say read it, and while you are at it, buy his trilogy and The Secret Message of Jesus which just came out!

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