Finding that authentic swing


Anyone who knows me knows that golf is one of my things. I love the sport. The focus, the fresh air, the humiliation, the challenge.

As the new season creeps in upon us here in Switzerland, I am beginning to plan in my practices and games. I have to admit, golf is a lot of work. Yesterday though, was a very good day! Crisp contact, good distance (for a range) and good extension. (if this is boring you, it doesn’t get any better) It was almost like i had to hold my breath and enjoy that this was a good day. The bad days will come and i’ll forget this good one.

Life it seems is not really any different. We have good days where the sun shines brightly upon us and everything seems to be going right. Then, along comes a tough one where nothing can go right, where everything feels out of sync. The discipline in life and golf is not to let the bad days rob us of the opportunities for finding our authentic swing. We have to press on through them. We have to keep doing life. We have to keep trying to remember in our innermost being that rhythm we had before, which is not lost to us…really, but is waiting again to be discovered. Press on friend, the swing is not gone, its there and it will return!