Stress Management

My wife and I have ventured off onto a new diet. Not that we are really the dieting kind of people, its just that she is on a stress management course and is trying to reduce the stress levels in our lives. So what does it look like? How about this: meat once per day, stay away from red meats, as many colors in vegetables as you can find (fresh not processed), no processed food, stay away from wheat products, reduce intake of alcohol, eat fruits, drink lots of water (no less than 2 liters per day), and absolutely no, no simple sugars. If you are a sweet fan like my wife is, this may be the real tester!

Try it out for a few days and see what happens. We felt better, more lively, with more energy and got better sleep within days. Quite an amazing story of how your body responds to certain things i think! Let me know how it goes for you!