I believe..

I belive in encouraging the contextual practice of mission in various places around the world. I believe that there is something to be said for local people understanding the questions of the local context. I believe also however, that in many places around the world those who have been sent out from their local contexts […]

In Berlin and reflecting

As the service project 2006 comes to close, we’ve stopped in Berlin for the day. As expected, I’ve found myself sitting in the Starbucks at the Brandenburg gate updating the website for the trip and reflecting over a Kenyan bean. I may not have spelled “brandenburg right…my apologies. As i begin to reflect back on […]

Wifi in Poland

Just to update those of you who are following, I have been able to get wifi in Poland which is making the updating of not only the SP06 site possible and faster, it is also allowing me to have greater access to internet than i expected. Trips like this are always so refreshing. The stories, […]

The next 10 days

For the next ten days I’ll be off to Koszalin Poland with our team from YFC Geneva. Us plus around 60 young people will be working with a local association on development projects in some of the most rural areas! If you want to keep up on the trip, you can check here for photos […]

Recent UK Visit

I just returned from a visit with my friends at the National office of British Youth For Christ. One of the most amazing things about the visit for me what the diversity of ministry that the have within their ministry programs. Specifically, the way the national ministry is capable of keeping thier eyes focused, as […]

Judas a plus..

My question about the recent release of the Gospel fo Judas is really, “Were John and Judas confused?” Is it possible that the one we’ve always thought to be the beloved really Judas? And what if? What if Judas was the most loved? What if the cannonical gospels missed this aspect of Christ’s relationship with […]

My friend the adventurer

My friend Jared Waits has had another run-in with the grand adventures of life! Its amazing the things that some people get to experience. Check this article that gives a good (even painful) descritption of his recent snow ski “vacation” in Utah, USA. Jared, take care of your self man! Live well, live wise! Tweet […]

Geneva in spring

This photo was taken just last week from teh top of the Cahedral in Geneva. We were doing a mini tour with our team and discussing issues of reformation in our world today! Great times and greater conversation potential! Tweet Send to Facebook

Shema Community

Tonight we had one of our Shema gatherings and we discussed Crosses of the Bible. It was a great time for reflecting on the “black” Saturday experience of the early church. I hope to post the recording of the talk here in a few days, so check back. It was a rich time of sharing! […]