In Berlin and reflecting

As the service project 2006 comes to close, we’ve stopped in Berlin for the day. As expected, I’ve found myself sitting in the Starbucks at the Brandenburg gate updating the website for the trip and reflecting over a Kenyan bean. I may not have spelled “brandenburg right…my apologies.

As i begin to reflect back on the trip, I must confess it has been quite an amazing experience. A brief outline of the highlights might go something like this (at least for now): relational fusion changes all of us; those of us who grew up under capitalism can never begin to imagine the way that communism shaped the lives and values of people for ages (in the past and to come); neither can we ignore the fact that those who live closest to “the wall” when it fell benefited the most (those 2, 3, or 4 hours away, have less to celebrate even today); people long to be called towards the relational activities that enable the plotting of goodness in the world; people matter more than projects.

Once again, I’ve been struck by the way people in community truly can give shape to each others lives; especially when they are focused on the same mission. Our SP06 team, came on a mission, discovered a dream, and are returning to Geneva having experienced the defining simplicity of service.