Emergent- A few thoughts

Here is a recent article by a fellow emergent-esque guy named Tony Jones. Tony really inspired me several years back to start thinking about the practice of global Christianity. He is well known in many academic and practioner circles. Is Emergent the New Christian Left? Tony Jones responds to the critics In December, Brian McLaren […]

Back from Turkey

So i am now back from from Turkey and what an experience it has been. The first several days were spent in the east of Turkey in Tarsus and Antakya (Antioch).The last few in Istanbul. I’ll post some photos shortly. Couple of things that I’ll reflect on shortly as an intro: 1. Cave church of […]

For you readers…

Laura and I are off to Turkey for a small trip (nack on dimanche). Stay tuned for many photos and journals upon return. Who knows what Tarsus or Antioch might hold!! walk on….jc Tweet Send to Facebook

A link that links to Bono

Mike Todd likes U2 and Bono about as much as I do. And, he is usually a little more political on his blog than I am. Check him out! Tweet Send to Facebook

Da Vinci Code Part 2

So i did it. I broke down and went and saw the movie. Per my last comment, I can honestly say with full clarity i am not sure who the critics were laughing at. There were three things I took away from the movie:1. Academic debate, even when fictional, is fun for me to watch. […]

Now I remember..

I was reminded this morning just why i love U2 so much. As i was doing some work around the house, i slipped in the Vertigo Chicago dvd. When the band gets to their intro to the song Miracle drug, bono does one of his normal intros and woos the crowd a little bit closer […]

Laughing at the Da Vinci movie…or Christians?

The people who have seen the Da Vinci code movie are laughing. Whether they are laughing at the movie, in its overly talkative, simple story, lack of action elements, or laughing at those in the movement of Christianity who stood so strongly against it is up for grabs. This fiction has caused more of a […]

Not Speaking of God

I wanted to highly recommend for everyone wanting to push themselves even in the slightest about How (Not) to Speak of Godto keep your eyes on this guy. He has become a good friend and Peter Rollins will blow your socks off! If you are up for it, take on this philosophical man from Northern […]

Post-Emergent debate rolls on

Well, this is my first post after the long awaited Geneva Emergent conversation. While the conversation was great, from my perspective, it has brought forth a great amount of various discussions. A few of the panelists, namely Jamie Smith have been hosting some follow up discussions. You can also find what these people have said […]

Aimless wandering

Yesterday, at a local Anglican service I heard it said, “The aimless wandering of some of us, effects all of us.” On a recent tv special on AIDS, former president Bill Clinton said, “Because we can do something we must do something.” I am growing increasingly aware that our call and our role in life […]