Laughing at the Da Vinci movie…or Christians?

The people who have seen the Da Vinci code movie are laughing. Whether they are laughing at the movie, in its overly talkative, simple story, lack of action elements, or laughing at those in the movement of Christianity who stood so strongly against it is up for grabs.

This fiction has caused more of a media frenzy than anything, and for me, it is almost laughable in the way its has provoked the response it has spawned! Director Ron Howard, when asked about the movie said in an interveiw with a French journalist, and I paraphrase, “What we are trying to do is create some conversation about the issues the book, a fiction, brings out. As people involved in the making of the movie, we had to meet with the historians and the theologians and the people who are much more knowledgeable than us to find out about the topics surrounding Christianity, and I think, we’re all better for it. I hope, people get out there and talk to these kind of people and have good dialogue with each other”.

To me, this sounds less like someone trying to harm people following in the way of the one true God and more like someone wanting to see authentic and informed dialogue happen. Well done Ron!