Da Vinci Code Part 2

So i did it. I broke down and went and saw the movie. Per my last comment, I can honestly say with full clarity i am not sure who the critics were laughing at. There were three things I took away from the movie:
1. Academic debate, even when fictional, is fun for me to watch. There is this one scene where Tom Hanks character and Gandalf (can’t remember his real name) are debating each other over who came up with the divinity of Christ. Its a fun exchange to watch and I think the guy next to me was quite worried when i couldn’t stop giggling through this whole section of the movie. If you are history buff, I am sure you too found this part a bit interesting.
2. Creativity of the depth displayed in this movie should be applauded. While the acting in the movie i feel lacked real “wow that was good” appeal, the creativity to connect so many of these pieces must be applauded. Whether or not Dan Brown made it up, stole it, or truly discovered it (wink wink), it deserves an applause. And again, well done to Ron Howard for making it become real. That is of course except for the self mutalation of Silas the monk. OUCH!
3. One of my favorite lines from the film was: “you are what you protect”. Think on that one. If one protects the poor and oppressed, what does that make them? If one protects the righteous and the saintly, what does that make them? Just a few thoughts.

I’ll just close by saying that i read an article in the Economist this week about the code. One of the points made in the article is that while many Christians world-wide are boycotting the film, evangelical Christians in America are not as much. In fact, the article says, “For them the movie provides an golden opportunity to get people talking about Christian subjects. Some churches are giving away tickets along with Starbucks vouchers to encourage post-film discussion. Campus Crusade has printed 1 million copies of its guide to the movie.” It goes on to read, “The churches are obsessed with “seekers”- people who are vaguely interested in Christianity without knowing much about it. The calculation is that the film will boost the number of “seekers”- and that the churches will then knock Mr. Brown’s nonsense out of their heads….Whether Mr. Brown’s work brings people to God is impossible to say. But it is bringing a lot of money to a lot of people.”

So what do we think about that?….If you go to one of those churches that are giving away tickets, and you have invited some of your “seeker” friends to go to Starbucks with you afterwards, and they just happen to read the Economist…..shhhh…they’re on to you.

Enjoy the film! Enjoy the coffee. And by the way…i rooting for Tom Hanks character at the end to steal a kiss from Jesus’ great great great great great….well you get the point!