Now I remember..

I was reminded this morning just why i love U2 so much. As i was doing some work around the house, i slipped in the Vertigo Chicago dvd. When the band gets to their intro to the song Miracle drug, bono does one of his normal intros and woos the crowd a little bit closer in. One of the things he says in the monoglue is this: “We don’t mind bringing the songs from our past with us, songs like: Pride, One, Where the streets have no name. We don’t mind bringing our past with us where we are headed, because we are excited about the future! Yes, we are excited about the future!”.

As the prophet that he is, i hope and pray that more people would hear that message. Not the message of escapism or we can’t wait to get out this place called earth, but the message that he gives, set in the context of the intro to song where he repeatedly says, “i’ve had enough of romantic love/I’d give it up for a miracle drug”. Bono you see is excited about our future, the one here, the one now, the one we can effect for people and creation. That’s the kind of future i too am excited about. As Bill Clinton said, “if we can do something, we must do something”.

For those of you who didn’t know, Bono is doing quite a bit of speaking around the USA these days trying to raise money to fight poverty, aids, and malaria. He deeply devoted to the One campaign. If you haven’t already, get involved!