Well, no one really expected the US to do very well, and well, we proved them correct. Sure, we had a couple of rough games, but in reality, we only scored one goal. I am more convinced that the USA needs to devote an entire generation of Div 1 atheletes to the sport of “soccer” […]

Dare to share??

So i came across a “Which Action Hero would you be? quiz through Josh Brown’s blog that I found quite silly. Especially when you consider what i scored and the fact that i have yet to read one of the books or seen one of the movies about this character. Try it out…see who you […]

Life hacking or hacking out life?

Last week’s copy of the Economist has a very interesting section entitled, “Reprogram Your Life”. The article talks about the issues raised by the increase of technology that is supposed to better our lives, but has in many cases, pejoratively effected the ways of our now wired lives. It deals with a notion called “life […]

Exploring communication

One of my favorite blogs to read is Creating Passionate Users. Quite often their thoughts and ideas generate a good bit of thinking for me. Today’s entry on “Do your graphics say the wrong thing?” was no different. Tweet Send to Facebook

A sad day for a hero

I’ve always admired Tiger Woods. One of the world’s greatest golfers of all times and arguably one of the worlds most spectacular atheletes. Today, is a sad day for Tiger. In his first tournament after his father’s death, Tiger has failed to make the cut in the US Open. What a day.!@#$ What is worse, […]

Preparing for the homeland

Laura and I have began our preparations for Alabama and Kansas. We will be heading towards the homeland on none other than July 4th. Play the cheesy patriotic music….It seems quite ironic for us to be traveling on this day, especially in light of our recent feelings about Geneva and Europe. Truly, we feel as […]

What is the emerging Church

My friend Jason Clark has been doing a great series on the emerging church on his blog. I highly suggest all interested to connect to his rss feed. Jason also serves as the Emergent-Uk coordinator. You can also find his doctoral thesis here. Make sure you watch for more to come from him in the […]

A Tale of Three Kings

I realized the other day that I have read this leadership fable about the lives of a King David and his predecessor, King Saul, every spring for the last three to four years. I am not sure if that says something about me, or the cycle of leadership and life i been in for the […]

Thomas Merton

Thomas Merton is a person I have been inolved with for a long time. I can remember when my mentor Morgan first introduced me to him. He was wise, deep, simple, and often completely impossible to understand. As the years have gone by, I’ve gotten to know Thomas more. In fact, I’d say that he […]