Thomas Merton

Thomas Merton is a person I have been inolved with for a long time. I can remember when my mentor Morgan first introduced me to him. He was wise, deep, simple, and often completely impossible to understand. As the years have gone by, I’ve gotten to know Thomas more. In fact, I’d say that he is one of the voices around me that seems to speak to the rythms of my life in ways very few others do.

This morning, Merton reflected, “If we are ever going to have peace again, we will have to hate war for some better reason than that we fear to lose our houses, or our refridgerators, or our cars, or our legs, or our lives. If we are to ever get peace, we have got to desire soemthing more than reefers and anesthetics- but that is all we seem to want: anything to avoid pain.”

This was written in 1940. Seems to me its still relevant today. So much pain, so many ways to escape, and yet, there is still a creator, waiting and hoping for a people to wake up to the great reality peace in the endurance of our pain.