A sad day for a hero


I’ve always admired Tiger Woods. One of the world’s greatest golfers of all times and arguably one of the worlds most spectacular atheletes. Today, is a sad day for Tiger. In his first tournament after his father’s death, Tiger has failed to make the cut in the US Open. What a day.!@#$

What is worse, is that I can only imagine Tiger’s desire to call his dad, and talk through the difficulty of missing this cut. I can only imagine his desire to just hear those words of comfort that come from his father. I pray, in a saintly way, his Father does bring him the comfort necessary and he is able to regain his sense of composure for the years to come. Yes, you may be laughing at this point, (if you are insincere and have never lost a really important voice in your life) but a loss so great as his, is nothing to laugh at.

After all, the question posed by author David Owen, in his book The Chosen One: Tiger Woods and the Dilemma of Greatness is effectively, “Was Tiger’s dad crazy, or did in fact his father recognize his talent so early and nuture it towards the fullness of its potential?” Isn’t that what all fathers ask? “Is this me trying to live through my son, or is this truly the way he (or she for daughters) was created?

Truly, I hope Tiger, and his mother, find peace during such a season of grief and transition.