Children of Men

There is a movie coming out in September that is sure to be a hit. More than hit, it’ll probably provide many of us with some hope, thoughts, and material for processing life in the age of terror. For those of us who are entering into the “it’s time to have kids stage”, it might […]

Oh, Tiger, My Tiger

Wow, what an event. Tiger woods just won his 11th major championship! Well done. It’s his first since being married, his first since his father died, and his first since turning 30. Well done. I have to make a confession though, I almost cried watching the finale. All the emotion built up in him, just […]

Vacation Muscle memory

There is a debate among different friends of mine over whether or not there actually is a thing called muscle memory. Some say yes, some say no. Regardless of which side you find yourself, I can certainly tell you that vacation muscle memory has always been a struggle for me. Every year, I enter vacation […]

Alas, the beach…

Laura and I have arrived at the beach in Florida where we will be spending some good time together. We’re really excited about the first four days of the trip as we will get that time alone before some of the family comes South. It’ll be great to get this time together, and with family! […]

America and more

Well, we continue to adjust to the bits of american life that we had forgetten existed. We have had a good balance of time with family and friends over the course of the last week and have a few meals with friends and supporters coming up. As usual, we’re fighting the temptation to eat all […]

A new year of life

Well, its official…happy birthday to me! I find myself in USA for the next few weeks and today, my birthday, has already started early. We left at 4:45am to go to the airport to fly from Kansas City to Birmingham Alabama. As an aside, there is free wifi in the KC airport, but the hassell […]