A new year of life

Well, its official…happy birthday to me! I find myself in USA for the next few weeks and today, my birthday, has already started early. We left at 4:45am to go to the airport to fly from Kansas City to Birmingham Alabama.

As an aside, there is free wifi in the KC airport, but the hassell of the TSA officials isn’t worth it.

For you readers from the other side of the ocean, the flight over went well. We arrived safely and are beginning to get beyond our jet lag! Hopefully, I’ll get a little more time to blog in the next few days. If not before, I know I’ll be back online on Monday!

As another aside, I was watching tv the other night, and on 4 consecutive channels, there were tv stations that had “you can be a star if the people at home sms your number in to us” shows on. It was very surreal. Very…Also had a couple of interesting laugh out loud expereinces in Walmart. (Yeah, when i return to the US, I often just go walk around walmart to find myself among the culture..then I go to target, still the american culture just a different brand…then I go to the golf course…yet another culture, if you are at private courses;)

Anyway, more to come again in teh next few days. Indeed, these trips to the US have become something to blog about. Amazing the way one sees things when you’ve been away for 4 years…jeez.

peace and grace to all…joshua c

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