Alas, the beach…

Laura and I have arrived at the beach in Florida where we will be spending some good time together. We’re really excited about the first four days of the trip as we will get that time alone before some of the family comes South. It’ll be great to get this time together, and with family!

In other news, I have undergone my annual facial cleansing. Yep, I’ve shaved off, or down the majority of the facial hair. Always feels cooler when i do that. And with 100+ F days, it is needed! If you are lucky…photos to come!

As a disclaimer as well, whenever i recommend books and movies on this site, it ought to be understood that it doesn’t necesarily mean that I endorse all of the teachings or thoughts therein. Just that I trust people’s ability to read, reason, and take the good from those things which they read and watch. Please remember this disclaimer, especially as with many blogs, there are readers from all over the world. The diversity thus articulates that those who read from one part of the world will find relevance in some things that those from other parts will not. Oh the crisis of the in between worldliness of global culture.

I am looking forward to doing some blogging and during this vacation. For me, it’s part of vacation…writing that is..