Oh, Tiger, My Tiger

Wow, what an event. Tiger woods just won his 11th major championship! Well done. It’s his first since being married, his first since his father died, and his first since turning 30. Well done.

I have to make a confession though, I almost cried watching the finale. All the emotion built up in him, just released as he sank the put on 18th. He grabs his caddy, and just starts balling. Then, walks off the green, grabs his wife, and starts crying even harder. For tiger, today was good victory. He played smart. He played almost flawless. He played passionately. He won.

Oh to know that you have done the best you can do, and that when its all over, you can let out whatever emotions you have because those you know and love, know and love you. Not the image or the things you have done, they love you. What a thought of comfort, and hope of many. To be loved for who you are, and to be doing that which you are gifted at doing!

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