Children of Men

There is a movie coming out in September that is sure to be a hit. More than hit, it’ll probably provide many of us with some hope, thoughts, and material for processing life in the age of terror. For those of us who are entering into the “it’s time to have kids stage”, it might also provide us with a little more food for thought about our children.

I first heard about the movie from a new friend called Nicholas Fielder You can watch the trailer here.

More than anything, its seems like the hope of this group comes from a group of people planning and thinking their way towards a newer better form of civilization called “the human project”. I wonder when it comes to faith and religion in the world, whether religions like Christianity or Islam are know for being for humanity or against humanity. For me, the trailer makes me really contemplate what religion ought to be for in civilization. How can, in my instance, Christianity, make a positive contribution to the sustainable growth of a hopeful civilization in the world, for the world, in the age to come

I can already hear some people saying it, “but isn’t Christianity about being “other worldly”, “Aren’t you just focusing too much on this world, when God is concerned about more than these ‘temporary’ things?” Yeah…I hear ya…let’s chat…