A few blogs from this week

Well, I just wanted to direct your attention to a few blogs that have gotten my attention this week. I guess I’ve been rather busy this week orienting new team in Geneva, and have been doing a bit more reflecting on the bloggings of others than doing much for authoring. I am off for three […]

Me, and Tiger

Well, unlike Tiger Woods who won yet another trophy for his mantle yesterday, I lost the iamjoshbrown competition to Leslie. It was a hard fought attempt, but i was unable to come back from her efforts earlier in the week. So i had a wierd experience yesterday as i was waiting for the updates on […]

Dialogue through Monologue

Incarnate Me If you had never met me, except through the words on this page, or another, would that mean for you, in the beginning was the word? If you then met me, face to face, would that mean for you, the word became flesh? If i then moved to your neighborhood or town, would […]


Sorry to bother people’s rss feeds, but you can please help me win this competition at Josh Brown’s site. I’ve fought hard and am now in second place. All you have to do is click on the “Josh Brown” link of “Blogs I follow”. The competition ends today! And by the way…vote multiple times:hehe. Tweet […]

FOR FUN…For Josh Brown!!!

This is a just for fun creation! Here is the scoop: Josh Brown is having a competition on his website to give away three free banners. I want to win the banners, and so do a few others. One of which is Leslie, a girl i met once in Alabama with her husband Nick at […]

Reconstructive Connectivity?

Most people live in fear of the other. The other person, the other god, the other government, the other store, the other brand, the other executive. For most, the only sure way to keep from being consumed or beat, or destroyed by the other is to destroy or win the battle against the other. But […]

Return of the wife…

After about a week apart, Laura has returned today to Geneva. I find it funny how one begins to grow accustomed to having the other intricately built into the rhythms of one’s life. It is as if when the other is not there, things are…well…different. As time passes I can only imagine the way that […]