Where to start??

So today another “plot” was spoiled. It seems as though the systems put in place to monitor and to look after the movements and actions of global “terrorists” is working. An most of you would have heard by now, this is going to effect movement in most airports worldwide. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when at first we try to deceive.

As i was entering into the Oak Park Mall in Kansas City, the thought passed through my mind that i really wonder who the voices will be that get through in this conversation among the religions. Who from the Jewish, Muslim and Christian leadership is capable, able of talking through these things and making the world a better place? Sure, on all sides there are radicals. Sure on all sides there are the voices who want to act out on what they feel is just. They feel there is no room to talk. Those days are over. But what of those in the middle lands of terror? What of those of us who are not on any side? What of the people who say, “I am not a damn Christian or a damn Muslim or a damn Jew, leave me and my family out of this?” What message of hope or restoration can be offered for them? Who is going to offer it? Clergy? Clerics? Rabbis? Lay people? How are the people who have no apparent affiliation feeling in the midst of this increasing “religious” battle ground called planet earth?

And what of those who would say I am Christian or Jew or Muslim. What of us? What’s our role in denouncing the lunacy of the sides? It almost feels as though as the world becomes smaller and increasingly local, the need for a global system of governance is ever more needed. And believe me, that’s the last thing most people i know want. I know this sounds weird, but indivualism and democracy seem to be leading people to believe that what they think, believe and feel is “more right” or better than what someelse believes. Yet, without a universal norm, there is no real system of governance to hold everyone to. Regardless of religion or culture or wealth. Surely what we’ve created isn’t the answer we’ve been seeking. In the words of the immortal U2, i guess “i still haven’t found what I’m looking for”. Must keep searching, hoping, praying, acting….