I am now in the airport in Kansas City waiting to board my flight home…to Geneva. It has been a great bit of time here in the USA, and once again, I’m thankful to be headed back to Geneve.

Three distinctive thinks I’ll remember about this trip back to the USA:
1. Time with family(ies)- In both Alabama and Kansas, it was great to get time with family. I’m always reminded when I come back to the USA where it is that I come from. For both Laura and I, remembering where, and with whom, we’ve come has become an important aspect of where we see ourselves going. And while the movie Talladega Nights isn’t necessarily the best example of what growing up in the South is all about, there are flares of the homeland in the flavor of the accents!
2. Time with friends- One of the best experiences of the trip home for me was a visit with some friends in the middle of Kansas. They a re a great family called the Goertzen’s. While we only visited with them for a lunch en route to Nebraska, their support, encouragement and spirit really blessed me. Now, this doesn’t discredit any of the other times we had, this one just sticks out as a very special time…mostly because it was so unexpected!
3. Conversations on Christianity and the world today- There were many chances over teh last month to meet with friends and conversants about Christianity in the world today. From those gathered at the Pour Cafe in Tuscaloosa, to those who were present at 20 Something, the time was rich. As i reflect back on the last month or so, I am reminded again how very different our cultures, contexts, and expressions of Christianity remain. I point you back to my blog on “The Next Christendom” for more reflection on this. And i still highly recommend it as a read!

As i return to Geneva, it is with a fresh excitement for work and life in that culture and context. With a new and fresh team joining up there in the next few weeks, it should be the beginning to an amazing season. And for some reason, it does feel like the beginning of something new…something different…something rich.