Dialogue through and through- An Intro

I was responding the other day on Jason Clark’s blog and began to realize that there is something about the culture of Geneva that has deeply influenced the way that I am approaching conversation and dialogue with people who are different, deeper, and more diverse than I. As I reflected on this more, I’ve decided to do a ? Part series on the subject of “dialogue”.

Particularly, I know i want to look at: Dialogue through Monolgue, Dialogue Within Christianity, Dialogue and the WWW, and Dialgoue without Motive. In each of these I will look specifically at how I feel dialogue is necessary and how our dialogues can be best practiced (from my perspective) in each of these settings.

All in all, I believe that dialogue which leads to reconstructive connectivity is key. Whether in relationships with friends, foes, critics, or family. At the end of the day, what comes of our world, comes from our collaboration (or not).

One thought on “Dialogue through and through- An Intro

  1. Just started reading your blog and I’m looking forward to however many installments you post on this – interesting topic.

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