FOR FUN…For Josh Brown!!!

This is a just for fun creation! Here is the scoop: Josh Brown is having a competition on his website to give away three free banners. I want to win the banners, and so do a few others. One of which is Leslie, a girl i met once in Alabama with her husband Nick at the shape or substance conversation. This video is in repsonse to the one you find on her blog that was posted yesterday. I am not going to give a link to the competition. haha

To help me, before watching the video, click on THIS BUTTON!!!

By the way, the video is silly…you really do not need to watch it!!! It’s about six minutes long. Really it took less to to make it, than it will for you to watch it? Go figure..

2 thoughts on “FOR FUN…For Josh Brown!!!

  1. Josh Brown has you listed at the bottom. He has this thing fixed worse than George Bush had the elections fixed by the Diebold voting machines. She stole this election. Diebold’s root word is “Die,” which in English means “to cease living.” Leslie’s root word sounds like “less,” which in English means “to be smaller than something else.” Josh’s root word sounds like “should win this competition,” which in English means, “should win this competition.” Anyone who doesn’t vote for him (how do you even vote?!) is wasting their vote. What are we even voting about. Josh wins. I declare a winner. If I put a banner on MY site for a month, will that be good enough, Josh? I don’t even know what I’m talking about.

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