Me, and Tiger


Well, unlike Tiger Woods who won yet another trophy for his mantle yesterday, I lost the iamjoshbrown competition to Leslie. It was a hard fought attempt, but i was unable to come back from her efforts earlier in the week.

So i had a wierd experience yesterday as i was waiting for the updates on the computer come through..shot by shot, hole by hole. I thought…you know, Tiger is married now. I wonder what married Tiger is like compared to single tiger? I mean, all these years he had family, and millions of others cheering him on. Calling out his name, and now, amid most of the voices, he has Elin, his bride, his wife, his friend. And i wonder, what kind of husband is he? How is his capacity to woo his wife compared to his capacity to hit long drives.

And just as these thoughts were passing through my head, i remembered…Tiger’s not so different from me. He has responsibilities, he has passions, he has faith, he has family, he has fears, and he has friends. Sure, he’s the greatest gofler in the world, possibly the greatest ever, but when it really comes down to it, I think he’ll measure his success not by the amount of trophies on his wall, but by the way he loved those around him. By the way he chose to be husband, father, and friend. I could be wrong, but i think there is that depth to him. I think he’s that kind of a guy.

Well done Tiger. And thanks to all of you who tried to help me win. Maybe next time…maybe next time…