A few blogs from this week

Well, I just wanted to direct your attention to a few blogs that have gotten my attention this week. I guess I’ve been rather busy this week orienting new team in Geneva, and have been doing a bit more reflecting on the bloggings of others than doing much for authoring. I am off for three days tomorrow on a team hike through Gimmelwald, Lauterbrunnen, and Wengen Who knows, maybe we’ll have some good photos? Wink Wink.

So here are a few blogs and topics i’ve been reading and thinking about this week. Read them while i am away. And i’ll share photos when I’m back!

Here you go:
Paul Mayers post on Jason Clark’s blog entitled “Exploring the role of women in missional churches in the Western world

“Even More Reformed” by Tony Jones

Mike Todd’s Article “Cultivating Justice”.

And finally, Josh Brown’s post on Jordan Cooper’s article on “How the Drive for Excellence is Driving Young Adults from the Church”