The Miniature Earth

I cannot with 100% certainty verfiy all of the statistics in this video; however, i still think it is worth thinking about. There’s no music, but i have the feeling if you listened to “One” by U2, it might make for an interesting combination. Try it and see what you find. Tweet Send to Facebook

Work, School, and Faith: An impossible balancing act?

The last few days i have been reflecting on the impossibility of finding a balance in life between work, school, and faith. As i was watching Jay Leno, yes it comes on tv in Switzerland from time to time, Jamie Lee Curtis made the comment that her 5 year old son was very upset with […]

Sad weekend for the USA…

Yes, three in a row. Congrats to the European team…and to all of you who sent me emails or text messages saying, “too bad about the Ryder Cup”. And to think, even the greatest basketball player couldn’t even bring the USA team enough luck. Yes, MJ was present at the event. He was walking around […]

The Adventures of a story teller…and more

Over at Open Source Theology a story teller named Stacy has entered into the conversation. It’s kind of interesting to watch as people try to engage with the conversation going on there. The conversation, like many of the ones on this site, is directed towards a conversation about eternity. I’ve found the conversation interesting, and […]

It would be wrong not to cheer American in this case….

America is taking on Europe. Yeah, sounds familiar. But really, American golfers are taking on Europe. And despite the political overtones, it is really happening over the course of the next weekend on the continent of Europe. So, if you are an American or a non-european, and you struggle with Americanism in various ways, i […]

A response to the warring mentality…

A Christian response to the “camp” ideology… Matthew, of the new testament, of the bible, Chapter 5:38-47; Jesus of Nazareth speaking… An Eye for an Eye 38 You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ 39 But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes […]

A bit scared about “Jesus Camp”

Ok, i do not get worried about things very often. But this trailer, really actually makes me a bit fearful. I am unsure what it means for a new generation of Christ followers. For me, it just feels wrong. But that could just be me. There are quite a few people blogging about it. So […]

Working together in Africa

I follow the updates of this network. I have found it to keep me quite informed about the way things are being handled on the treatment, prevention, collaborative medicine front concerning HIV/AIDS. There are several networks out there which do this. I wanted to highlight this article entitled, “USAID Issues $15M Grant to Ugandan Religious […]