Tiger Woods and the dilemma of greatness…


“Yeah, yeah,” you thought. Tiger won again and Joshua Case is going to post about it. And, well, you are right. So here goes.

Tiger Woods has done it again. A few years ago a book came out which i’ve blogged about before, discussing the “dilemma of greatness” that Tiger was going to have to deal with. In many ways, it seems as though he is handling this dilemma very well. However, I wonder for many of us (as his contemporaries) how we are dealing it. Afterall, every generation only has a certain number of “great ones”. And, we hear about so many great things that people are doing, or have done. I kind of begin to wonder, what is this thing called greatness and why is it, that a few in every generation, and in certain fields stand out as indeed being great.

For instance, this past weekend, there was a new world record set. For what, you might ask? For the “longest amount of time laying on one’s back with hands behind your head in a swimming pool”. Yep, that’s right. The new time was just over two hours. Is that great? Is that what people ought to be striving for? Is that what i’m up against?

And then you have to ask, should we strive for greatness? Is it achievable? Or gifted? Or inherited? And for that matter, is our fascination with greatness just another symptom of our daily fresh expanse of knowledge in world of seamless communication?

I don’t know, maybe its me. Maybe this whole dilemma of greatness is a normal processing of who one is and who one wants to be. But Tiger, without a question, is great at the game he loves to play. Sure, he makes an ok living; but that seems to be the farthest motivation from his mind. And maybe, maybe that is the key to greatness: that we do things we love to do, in the places where we love to do them, because we and others feel gifted with a fresh sense of life from their being done. Maybe, we each do those certain lovely things in life in order that those who interact with our lives can see clearly the beauty of greatness in our victories, our losses, our perseverance, our attitudes, and most of all…our smiles. If this is greatness, sign me up. If this is greatness, may we all pursue it, with all our hearts and minds, and lives. For if this is greatness, may we each become…to bless.