An increasingly interesting conversation…among friends


Recently, a group of friends in the US started a comversation together on christianity and the church. Leslie, Eric, Nick, Josh and Anna have been blogging over the last week about their struggle with the American church’s expression of christianity. As much as a struggle with the “church”, theirs seems to be a struggle with the way leaders have treated them, practices have been passed down, and bridges have been burned in the name of tradition. From firings, to bait and switch; from the gift of plastic leadership, to the soulful longings for community, this group of friends is processing what i think is found in a question(not to be simplistic or reductionistic): “what in the world do we do when it seems like the Christianity we’ve always known…and been told looks like “x”…doesn’t work in our real lives….or even in those who lead us?”

And, just so they aren’t just names or blogs…and we remember they are people, here are photos….because the moment we forget people are behind words..and feelings…and thinking…and healing… is the moment we feel more confident in our capacity to respond with words…and not love…or grace…or time…or process…




Sorry Anna- couldn’t find a photo…