Parks, Free wifi, days off


It’s a free day,
a day with thoughts a plenty.
It’s a good day,
a day with books and laughs.
It’s a park day,
a day with wifi streaming.
It’s a sabbath day,
a day with rest and loving.
Holidays in Geneva are slow and deliberate. Today is a holiday. People are in the park and at the few cafe’s that seem to be open. Life has seemed to slow down and rest is at hand. I’ve found my way to town, without considering the amount of “closed” things about. But the city wifi is not closed. It’s quite open, and free.

I met this morning with a good friend named James. Jimmy is off to Cambridge soon for theological school en route to becoming a priest in the anglican church. It’s always fun talking with James. Discussing everything under the sun, including the difficulties we often face in the working out of our theology in the world we live in. Although today was more of a reconnect. More like two old friends talking about the days ahead while knowing full-well the proximity of our time together is nearing a new beginning.

Free wifi though…what a thought….what a world. If only it could be free for everyone….every where. But then again, as my dad would always say, “nothings free in this world Josh, somebody somewhere is paying for it”. Maybe he’s right.