He’s done it again…Pete that is…

Well, this is not my friend peter rollins. But it is one of my favorite images that appear when you google Peter Rollins in images. I’m pretty sure pete may not even know who this guy is; however, if you are from the USA and a guy…or a girl who liked to watch WCW wrestling, you’d know it was none other than….Rick Flair. go figure.
Pete however has done it again. I mean, i love to come up with catchy thoughts and phrases. But pete, pete is catchy thoughts and ideas that make one ponder. I mean really, he embodies them. His most recent blog entry title was: “Reflections On An Interventionist God”.
If you are interested, and you’ve had at least two cups of coffee already…and are looking for a less-than-light meal of thoughts, visit Pete’s website for more! And I promise,Pete’s site will give you you a taste of something that will either make you love the guy, or be scared of the guy. But for me…I love the guy!
If you don’t have a copy of his book, BUY IT NOW!!!