Coincidence or More-than-Coincidence?


This morning Laura and I attended a service at Holy Trinity Church Geneva. The person who brought the homily was John Quigley of Franciscans International. As many people will know, St. Francis is know as the patron saint of animals and the environment. For more info on St. Francis, click here.
Laura and I have attend the Anglican church in Geneva off and on, but this morning was interesting. It was the first time that we have been there, when a pigeon had made its way into the chapel. The bird, while a potential threat to those of us sitting under it, was quite content to just sit in the beams of the ceiling and not bother a life. The irony of it all, for me, was that the bird chose to be here on the day when a representative from Franciscans was there; and, that just as the last hymn was being sung by the community gathered, the bird flapped its way to the window and flew off into the sky.
Coincidence, or more-than-coincidence?
And what of us? Do the messages we represent follow us to the places we go? Do images of peace or grace or justice follow us along as we go through our daily lives? Do people look at our participation in various places and recognize the irony of the signs that accompany us?
Oh that they would,
Oh that they might,
Oh that those who are known by the name of Peace,
Would be followed by the signs and presence of the peace that they bring!