The Vrielings have arrived!

Well, a new season is beginning. The Vrielings have arrived. It may sound a bit over the top, but for them, and in many ways for us, we feel like a new season is beginning.
We’ve known Lammert, Conny, Chris, and Max for more than a year and half now. They’ve been friends, encouragers, models, teachers, and mentors. And just yesterday, they arrived to Geneva to live. We’re so excited to have them here and are excited about this season of ministry and life together.
You can keep them and this transition in your thoughts and prayers…if you pray. On Monday, Chris starts school and this will be quite the transition. She speaks dutch…gets some english…and is off to schooling which will be in French. Yes, it’ll be a transition. Laura and I are praying for her friends, and her teachers, and her experience of languages.
Make sure you follow it, and them, via Lammert’s blog.
We’re thankful they have arrived…..truly thankful…
Vrielings & Cases-.jpg