The Adventures of a story teller…and more

Over at Open Source Theology a story teller named Stacy has entered into the conversation. It’s kind of interesting to watch as people try to engage with the conversation going on there. The conversation, like many of the ones on this site, is directed towards a conversation about eternity. I’ve found the conversation interesting, and wanted to highlight it.
You can also check out the conversation entitled: Living in sin/living in love posted by Paul Myers. Another interesting conversation hosted by Jason’s site.
Also thought I would use this as another opportunity to plug Andrew Perriman’s book, “The Coming of the Son of Man”. Andrew hosts the site and much of the conversation at Open Source Theology. The book, even if you end up not agreeing with its content, is well informed, well worth the money, and is in my opinion, an important work for an emerging generation of missional leaders.
still waiting for the dawn…
joshua c