Rain, Shema, and Geneva

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It’s another raining day in Geneva. It just keeps coming. Yesterday showed a little glimmer of hope with a break in the clouds. Alas, such is the entry into the autumn for us.
We will be having our first Shema gathering of the Autumn tonight. We’re starting a three part series (i heard that) on the shema. This one is entitled, “shema to the sound”. We’ll be exploring shema in oral culture; specifically, the evolution of Christianity through oral culture. We’ll also be reflecting on the loss of our own oral culture(s) and the effects of this on the way we choose to be formed by the community around us. Is the loss of a true “oral culture” hurting us in the electronic age? Did we lose something of authentic humanity with the print age? Can we regain what was lost in the electronic age? Just a few thoughts.
Yes, should be an interesting evening; especially in light of meeting as if in oral culture (no electronic media or sound, no electronic lighting (we think), nothing which has been mass prodiced through print). Of course, meeting in the Auditiore de Calvin should make it interesting, as it is the ancient space where Jean Calvin and John Knox taught. Quite a bit of oral-towards-print history about this place!
In our next two meetings in October (15, 29), we’ll exploring shema in print (letter) and electronic (image) cultures.
I will let you know how it goes….