Generations collide, love is experienced!

Just yesterday I was having a conversation with a group of youth leaders and parents here in Geneva. During the conversation, we had an interesting discussion on the internet, their children’s obsession with it, the way parent’s can “control” or understand better their young people’s connection-centered existence. It was an interesting conversation which led me again to recommend Shane Hipps book, The Hidden Power of Electronic Media. It’s brilliant.
But then today, I discovered this video. It comes to you via YouTube from a 79-year old British widower whose moniker is geriatric1927. He began uploading videos about life onto Youtube back in August. His first video was viewed over 600,000 times!
He seems to be gentle man who is venturing where few of his generation seem to venture…the internet. In the video below, geriatric1927 states that he has received over 4,700 emails from the Youtube and that Youtube has changed his life. He seems to be a man who, recognizing the changes of the world around him, took a step of faith into the blogosphere in order to share his story to those who would listen. Generations collide, love is experienced!
If you are anything like me…sit down, and listen to an old man ramble. It’s not the end of the story, but it is part of his-story. And sorry if this is old news to any of you!