Thinking about things to come…and plotting goodness

Last night Laura and I went to a Geneva pre-screening of the movie An Inconvenient Truth. It was quite compelling. Over the course of an hour and forty-five minutes, sitting in a packed movie theatre, we watched as the story of climate change was unveiled before our eyes. Sure, I’ve been in conversations with others all over the world about how the myth of climate change really is a myth. And, well, i guess at times i’ve thought that it was ok to think about it, and to act if an opportunity was given. But this movie…this movie was good; especially if you are looking for a reason to get involved in making a difference in the world.
The facts themselves are compelling. And possibly, for many, the most difficult part of the movie and of the whole issue of climate change is that people will have to experience that this is a moral and scientic issue; not just as a scientific issue. That the numbers do add up. That we do, as Dr. Mark Smith suggests, have just one planet is critical to our efforts and actions on earth.
The other side of this story is that we can make a difference. Even if we do not buy the climate change “myth”, people of every religion (Christianity especially in my case) must make sure that their worship of God includes an deep understanding of how the actions of our lives make us good stewards of the good creation. It’s no longer just about whether we grew the right crop in the right field. It’s no longer about whether we ought to spray for misquitos in our neighborhoods. Yes, these issues do matter; however, we live in a global village and local actions can have global consequences. We can make changes in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our parishes, in our cities, in our countries which will have lasting effects on the environment, and thus, every living creature. The decisions that we take, the actions that we choose, reflect our desire to be about the plotting of goodness (or of evil) for the next generation.
And this my friends, is the true challenge of plotting goodness: that we recognize that the smallest of decisions in our faith-centered lives give opportunity for greater goodness to come into being for the age to come. And, that we recognize we must begin to make changes in our personal lives which greater reflect the Good News of a good people, compelled by our deepest of convictions, to look after a Good Creation.
Again, the movie was quite compelling. If you haven’t seen it, i recommend it. But don’t go see it alone! Take one, two, five or fifteen of your friends with you and talk about it afterwards. Ask each other: “how is this information going to effect our daily and community lives? How might we as friends, reflect to our community, our city, our world, that we feel we need to be looking after our world in a more radical, and sustainable way?”
Let me know what you come up with….plotting goodness….