The Rick I Never Knew

So, I am not hiding that I like Barack Obama. I’ve got the copy of Time with him on the cover, I’ve got his two books on my amazon Wish List, and I like that fact that his grandmother is Kenyan. But one connection i never expected to make, was the one I am about […]

Healthy Criticism..But what comes next?

Paul Mayers has been doing some good blogging on healthy critique and why its quite necessary. In his blog, he refers quite often to Jason Clarke’s blog where he posted on “Emerging Church: Dead End or Hope for the Church” as a powerful critique of the emerging church from one of its own leaders and […]

This is (Not) Church

Just the other day I came across this website called Small Ritual. For many i am sure it is old news; however, for me it is quite fresh. As i have thought about it more and more, I have come to think it is a great explaination of how urban communities of faith commune. As […]

The Children of Men- A brief review

Well, unlike many movies in our world today, Children of Men has made its preview in Europe first before its off to America for a December 25th openning. I will not spoil the plot, but i will make a couple of brief comments about the movie: 1. It captures the raw in-breaking of violence in […]

A couple of days with Laura…

The last few days I’ve spent with Laura. Normally, in the US, we’d be celerbating all weekend with family over the Thanksgiving holiday; however, this year we merely celebrated a meal with our friends at the American Episcopal church and took some time for ourselves. On Friday, Saturday and today, we committed just to spending […]

I’m Back.

After a short hiatus from blogging that was needed/required on several fronts, I’m back. Although I’m not so sure it was missed in the world-wide web of voices vying for your attention, I have missed the space, the opportunity, and the community. On Shema… Lammert Vrieling has been posting updates to the gatherings and community […]

No Bandwagon Here

I certainly do not want to jump on any bandwagon of posting in the blogosphere; however, I do want to take the time to put a few links out there to the people who are discussing both the issues surrounding the Ted Haggard situation and Saddam ruling. Both of these situtations are monumental things for […]

A Parody

Here is part one of a parody I’ve come across thanks to Nick and Andrew. Other parts are on You Tube. Part Three is pretty good as well.. peace…jc Tweet Send to Facebook

Biologist Goes the Extra Mile

In order to help these frogs have a sustainable future, Edgardo Giffith rented out two hotel rooms to make sure they could survive. I’m not making it up! It’s true! Good on you Edgardo, I think?! Read rest of article here: Save the Frogs!! peace….jc Tweet Send to Facebook