Back home and more!

Well I’ve made it back home to Switzerland where I have rejoined my wife in the habit of day to day living. It’s interesting what two weeks away can do. Developing different rhythms, eating habits, and so much more. Yet, it is great to be home where I am able to be in the company of my bride, in the proximity of good friends, and am able to reflect on the journey to the US for a short period.
I’d like to just point you to a couple of interesting places for a moment:
1. Adventures in Mercy– I’ve been following Molleth for a while now and comment here from time to time. Generally great conversations are happening and I really enjoy Molleth’s posture. Do check her and the conversations out. Particularly, she is hosting a conversation entitled: “Women: Beginnings and Endings”. Check it out.
2. Scot McKnight– I’ve posted on Scot before, and think he’s ever-posting very interesting things on his blog. In a recent post he asks the question to his friends: Is it a moral hypocrisy to believe in war and against abortion, or to be against war and for abortion? Yep, this is the kind of stuff Scot likes his friends to engage in. Good question!
However, the real reason I wanted to connect you to Scot is that he has just released a paper which i thnk holds some pretty good things in tension and, is pretty well written. If you are at all interested, find it here. Lammert pointed it my way.
By way of introduction, here is a snippet from the orignal pdf available via Wes at Sacred Journey:
There are at least four rivers flowing into Lake Emerging – postmodernity, praxis, postevangelicalism, and politics – and because some gravitate toward one or the other, emerging Christians are as diverse as the universal Church. Some are simply evangelicals with a missional slant, while others are postmodernists with a Christian hangover. To narrow them to an epistemological issue is as inaccurate as narrowing Calvinism to Calvin’s church reforms in Geneva.
Blessings to all….and welcome home…