No Bandwagon Here

I certainly do not want to jump on any bandwagon of posting in the blogosphere; however, I do want to take the time to put a few links out there to the people who are discussing both the issues surrounding the Ted Haggard situation and Saddam ruling. Both of these situtations are monumental things for this season of life in our world. How we respond to them now, may give shape to who we become in the future.
In both cases, there are real issues for us all to deal with. Issues of grace, forgiveness, mercy, and justice. The biggest question for us may actually remain found in the (regardless of the pejorative overtones) now over-used and over-commercialized cliche: What would Jesus do?
Blogs on Ted Haggard:
Jim Wallis
Blogs on Saddam Verdict:
Josh Brown
Jamie Arpin-Ricci
believing that Grace is true….