A couple of days with Laura…

chateau chillon
The last few days I’ve spent with Laura. Normally, in the US, we’d be celerbating all weekend with family over the Thanksgiving holiday; however, this year we merely celebrated a meal with our friends at the American Episcopal church and took some time for ourselves.
On Friday, Saturday and today, we committed just to spending some quality time together. We saw a movie, visited Chateau Chillon, walked around the Christmas Market in Montreux, and went and hit some golf balls today. Good fun. Next Saturday Laura is off to the US where I’ll meet her in Kansas on the 18th.
This morning, we celebrated communion with our friends at Holy Trinity Church. Today htc, as part of the Anglican communion, celebrated with representatives from the Barabados mission in the 40th anniversary of their independance from Britain. Yep, quite an act of reconciliation i think. Was special to be a part of.
Also interesting was the homily. Mike French based the first part of his homily after the quote, “no man is an island”. He went on to say to the ambassador of Barabados, ” i regret to tell you sir, but your country is not an island. And neither are any of our countries.” He proceeded to stress the unity of the created order under Christ the King and true reality of our interdependence one to another; no matter the species, no matter the kind. Well done Mike.