The Children of Men- A brief review

Well, unlike many movies in our world today, Children of Men has made its preview in Europe first before its off to America for a December 25th openning.
I will not spoil the plot, but i will make a couple of brief comments about the movie:
1. It captures the raw in-breaking of violence in the world- The violence in the movie comes in and out at a moments notice. It is quick. Its raw. It feels real time.
2. It doesn’t waste your time- The movie moves. As movies go, it gets to the point. Tells its story. It ends.
3. In one sequence of scenes it captures why war makes absolutely no sense if in fact life is as precious as we think it is! Quite honestly, one sequence of scenes. If life is our cause, and we can all agree on it, war makes no sense. Really. It doesn’t.
4. It leaves you feeling like there could have been more.The movie will rouse some issues some people have with immigration. Laura’s first comment about it was, “it was really more about immigration than i thought it would be”. Tis true. In a world where there births have ended, who gets to be a part of your economy/nation/welfare system matters…so it seems. Sound familiar?
in the words of Morpheus, “welcome to the desert of the real”….

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