The Rick I Never Knew

So, I am not hiding that I like Barack Obama. I’ve got the copy of Time with him on the cover, I’ve got his two books on my amazon Wish List, and I like that fact that his grandmother is Kenyan.
But one connection i never expected to make, was the one I am about to: Rick Warren and Barak Obama. According to Scot McKnight’s blog, Warren has invited Obama to a AIDS summit. And while i know that Rick’s tone and posture towards missional practice in the world has changed in recent years, this really is a Rick Warren i’ve never known.
Yes I know, I shouldn’t be such a skeptic; however, from time to time it still comes out in me. My only hope is that Warren is really inviting Obama to participate with him in life and real conversation. I know he is gfetting some flack for it, but we get that when we are interacting with the right people. I guess my real hope is that as Warren chooses to participate with him, America may too wake up to the new kind of politics that Obama represents. A politics that some are calling…PURPLE?

One thought on “The Rick I Never Knew

  1. I think Rick Warren is focused on the right thing: helping people instead of holding on to a political party or ideology.
    And for real, my name is Joshua Case. I googled myself to see what comes up and found this website.

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