The Evangelical Universalist

I’ve been able to get some good reading time in the last few weeks. I’ve been getting something of a broad spectrum of theological, political, and practical reflection. Out of the 10-15 books i received for Christmas as gifts (thanks to all) I am currently reading through one called, “The Evangelical Universalist”. Written under the […]

“Drown me out…drown me out”

Over the course of the last three days I have been doing recruitment at the Urbana conference in Illinois. I have been very pleasantly surprised by the amount of justice and enviromental talk that has been going on. And while I came into the conference excited about recruitment, but not sure what to expect about […]

In the US for the holidays

Well Laura and i are back in the US for the holidays for the first time in our marriage. We’re both a little excited about it, and a little bit anxious about it. I mean, when you have never had to manage the time with family and you’ve only really done christmas with each other […]

Crackberry Addiction: Signs of the times

The following article is in many ways an indication of the signs of the times. Living and working in Geneva there are loads of people who seeming live via their blackberry. Although i think i know several people who are doing pretty good at balancing work, family, and the “crackberry” (as it is beginning to […]

St. Nicholas Day

Today is celebrated in many part of the world as St. Nicholas Day. On this day it is well known that St. Nicholas fills the shoes of good children with candy and small gifts, and puts coal or switches in the shoes of bad children. The real story of St. Nicholas begins in the year […]

More access than expected

A photo i took of two fences on the site of the City of Refuge. Really makes you ask, who is keeping who out…or in. My colleague and I have made it. Well at least to Kishkumajsa Hungary. We spent today looking around at the City of Refuge; a shelter for young women and children […]

To David Taylor

David Taylor taught me everything i need to know about Service Porject finding. Today, my colleague and I will travel to Hungary and to Kosovo looking for development projects to join with in April with between 80-120 students from Geneva. I may be blog slient till Saturday. We’ll see.. jc Tweet Send to Facebook