More access than expected

fences refuge
A photo i took of two fences on the site of the City of Refuge. Really makes you ask, who is keeping who out…or in.
My colleague and I have made it. Well at least to Kishkumajsa Hungary.
We spent today looking around at the City of Refuge; a shelter for young women and children from all over Hungary who have been displaced or effected by abusive relationships. The amazing thing about this shelter is it is actually on the property of old Soviet military barracks. The place, like many other like it, is abandoned, run down, and owned by the government. In many ways, these run down, good for nothing buildings serve as something of a rememberance of the occupiers who were there; occupiers who in many ways were eventually forced out.
Our guide, Gabor, is the national director for YFC Hungary. He is an economist by trade. We’ve already had a couple of really great conversations on life in Hungary post-communism. In fact, even as we talked tonight, it was very interesting to discuss the places he felt communism had fialed the people and yet, the places where he felt some of the good of it was not necessarily bad for the people; particularly the church.
Paul and I will travel tomorrow to another part of Hungary to see another potential project.
In other news, we had a really great Shema gathering last night. Lammert facilitated the evening via input fromRodney Stark’s book entitled The Rise Of Christianity. It was a great time of exploring Christian community that really is good news for our context and age.